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Life Coaching is a forward focused, non-judgemental, action based process of identifying the changes that a person wants or needs to make in order to achieve their personal or professional goals. There can be many reasons why we feel 'stuck', as though our path is blocked and we cannot move forward. Through authentic conversation, coaching allows us to explore these obstacles, with a view to understanding and removing them. I won't give you any answers, but I will help you to find your own.

Life Coaching can be transformational for everyone, particularly those:

  •        Living with grief or loss through bereavement, separation or other life events.

  •        Looking for clarity, motivation & support in making positive life changes.

  •       Seeking better personal or professional connections & improved life satisfaction.

If you would like to explore how life coaching can help you, I am happy to offer a free, no obligation 30 minute life coaching session. Please fill in the contact form below if you would like a call back.

 Cost of personal coaching: 1 hour session: €60

4 session package: €200 

Heavily reduced rates are available for students & unemployed.



My name is Tracey Blanchfield. I was born & raised in Co. Wicklow. I married very early in life and even though that relationship broke down after eight years, I was the proud mother of two amazing children, Kayleigh & Conor. Conor was born with hydrocephalus and a cleft lip & palate, he needed a lot of medical intervention and we spent a lot of his early years at Temple St. Children's Hospital.The world went dark in February 2008 when Conor died, as a result of a car accident. He was nine years old. My daughter Kayleigh was the light that guided me through the darkness. Counselling really helped me to process the death of my child, but not with how to move forward, in this new, unfamiliar world. I found my way, slowly, but I remember thinking that it would be really good to have someone I could talk to and be real with. Someone who would hear me & encourage me to move forward ... my friends and family were so supportive but they were emotionally involved and couldn't be objective, I needed to talk to someone who didn't know me.... so I found a life coach.... and that experience led me to train with the Irish Life Institute and become a personal life coach( Dip. Personal & Business Coaching ) I love coaching.

I love hearing someone tell me that they feel stronger, more confident and focused after just a couple of sessions. Coaching has completely transformed my life & I'm passionate about sharing it with others.

I have also trained in Neurolinguistic Programming (Practitioner) Grief & Bereavement, Emotional Regulation Intervention, and most recently qualified in addiction coaching.  


About Me 

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Work Life 


I have always worked in the education sector and I currently work as special needs assistant at a mainstream Primary School. Six years ago, I trained as a children's yoga teacher at The Elbowroom Yoga Hub in Dublin and since then I have been running after school yoga classes, helping little ones to build strong bodies & minds. As well as working as an adult life coach I also work with The Confidence Clinic, providing one to one coaching and mentoring for children & teens through individual sessions and workshops. We also run Best Life Camps throughout the year where children who are struggling with big emotions learn coping skills and strategies that will help them to develop resilience and build inner strength as they grow. 

To find out more: https://www.theconfidenceclinic.ie


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